Android Smartphones & Tablets


£ 0

It may not stand out from the crowd in terms of style or spec, but it's a worthy alternative to the best

£ 0

A strong all-rounder that makes sense for music and movie lovers

£ 0

A fine phone and worthy champion – but the new kids have upped the ante

£ 0

Good for music and a joy to use, the HTC One X+ should be on your shortlist

£ 0

A highly capable handset, but one that is outclassed by cheaper rivals

£ 0

Big-screen browsing and a capable battery make the Note 2 a tempting proposition

£ 500

Best smartphone, Award 2012. Believe the hype, the Galaxy S3 is the phone they all have to beat

£ 390

A superb display, fast interface and competitive price make the Nexus a great bet

£ 340

A decent enough tablet for a first-timer, but it's certainly no all-rounder

£ 215

Does what it says on the tin, but rivals do it better