Android Smartphones & Tablets


£ 260

A premium 8in Android tablet that looks the part but struggles at its price in a competitive market

£ 300

The Note 8.0 might have been a great tablet once, but now it looks outclassed and outdated

£ 120

A superb budget tablet that, while not flawless, shows some of its pricier competition how it’s done

£ 0

A top-tier smartphone for much less than its rivals: the Google Nexus 5 offers unbelievable value for money

£ 200

Product of the Year, Awards 2013. With stunning screen performance and fantastic ease of use, the Nexus 7 is even better than before

£ 0

Nicely designed and simple to use, the P6 is let down by its sound and video performance


£ 0

Unbridled power and thoughtful design: this is a fantastic phone

£ 0

This budget smartphone doesn't challenge the best phones around but solid all-round performance make it an affordable alternative

£ 239

Our once-favourite Android bows down to fine rivals. Still great value, though

£ 399

The best tablet Sony has ever made, but still not the best Android tablet on the market