Hi-fi speakers


£ 7300

Pair these speakers with your Linn set-up and they'll sound right at home

£ 650

Truly tiny speakers that deliver sound well beyond their size – impressive

£ 900

Capable floorstanders that can be squeezed into a tight spot

£ 420

Best floorstander £400-£800, Awards 2013. Great value for money, with excellent refinement and great dynamic ability

£ 2500

Capable of seriously controlled and powerful sound

£ 2300

Refined, well integrated and an all-round class act

£ 2295

Proper hi-fi in a compact, stealthy and truly desirable loudspeaker

£ 2000

The IA8s are genuine, stylish rivals to a conventional speaker setup

£ 900

Impressive wall-mounted speakers with a smooth, spacious sound

£ 1200

Fast, accurate speakers but bass is a tad lean