Hi-fi speakers


£ 1350

Conventional and compact, but unusually big on quality

£ 2100

Best floorstander £1500+, Awards 2013. If you're in the market for compact floorstanders, these PMCs need to be heard

£ 600

Triangle's vibrant Color 123 speakers are a truly brilliant desktop package

£ 1145

Despite their focused sound, these Monopulses lack the all-round appeal to be truly great

£ 650

Look past their appearance and you’ve got a fun-sounding yet refined speaker

£ 600

Offer the convenience of wireless, but they're not the most precise

£ 729

Not without their flaws, but the Zensors offer an enjoyable, musical sound

£ 720

There's much to like about these standmounters, but they're not perfect

£ 1500

Unusual looks, but deliver an impressively capable (and fun) sound

£ 1365

Highly impressive wireless speakers with multiroom potential