Hi-fi speakers


£ 3219

Small in stature, big on pedigree

£ 425

The 301s are terrific and the most competitive Acoustic Energy speakers we've heard in years

£ 250

The hunt for excellent desktop speakers just got a little easier

£ 11800

An easy-going, refined and engaging pair of Dynaudio speakers

£ 1700

We like the brave styling, but not the poor performance or high price

£ 1300

Premium style at a premium price

£ 3750

Dali is no stranger to making top-class speakers, and the engaging Epicon 2s serve only to reinforce that reputation

£ 230

The Wharfedale 121 speakers simply sparkle

£ 7686

Amazing design puts these stereo speakers at the top of the pile

£ 550

Enjoyable performers, but up against a lot of top-quality competition