CD players


£ 3150

Almost monolithic build, yet inside the ART G2 is subtle and detailed. But could do with more character in its sound

£ 1895

The Lyngdorf pulls off the tricky feat of combining a weighty and powerful bass with class-leading agility: few rivals manage that

£ 750

A fine player that offers detail and refinement, but one hard-nosed tune will leave it unsteady on its feet

£ 4000

This player certainly stands out, and offers impressive sound. But you'll either love or hate its unusual style

£ 350

Crisp, detailed sound from a solid, though not amazing, player. But when compared to newer price-rivals, this falls short

£ 2995

Slick and stylish, this pricey player is near flawless, but for three grand it should be perfect

£ 900

For the money, the Arcam is a sensational player with bags of sonic appeal. It’s more than capable of mixing it with the big-hitters

£ 975

The CD5i gets a lick of paint in the shape of the MkII (actually called the CD5 'i' with an italic slant), getting even more refinement and dynamics

£ 9990

An undoubtedly high-end player, but this is the best money can buy – a sonic performance that almost exists on a different level