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Velodyne CHT-12Q

Tested at £775

Superb subwoofer, easy to set up and control, plus it sounds sensational

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  • Serious bass weight
  • good control
  • excellent detail


  • Nothing

Besides a 225W amplifier, 12in driver unit and speaker level inputs/outputs, the Velodyne CHT-120 also includes an automatic set-up system, complete with mic. It fires out 12 tones that are analysed and used to maximise performance for your room layout.

There are four different presets to choose from, depending on whether you're watching a movie, gaming or listening to different genres of music.

And, every aspect of performance can be controlled by the credit-card-sized remote – and read off an LED display on the front of the cabinet.

It's nice to highlight all these neat features, but it's even nicer to be able to report that the 12Q sounds sensational. It serves up crashes, bangs and wallops with serious weight, authority and power.

Yet it manages to merge its aggressiveness with a side that displays impeccable control, poise and excellent levels of detail and clarity.

An infectious sense of rhythm tops off this superb subwoofer, which fully justifies its price tag.

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