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van den Hul Flat 180

Tested at £90

Typical van den Hul quality from an HDMI cable that doesn't actively enjoy falling out of its socket

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  • Sits sturdily in your set-up
  • dynamic pictures


  • Only that you can get the same performance from a unhinged cable for a bit less

HDMI: a great connection in terms of shifting high-definition audio and video from point 'a' to point 'b'; a frankly woeful connection when it comes to staying in its socket.

Recognition of HDMI's physical flakiness is implied in the appearance of van den Hul's Flat 180 interconnect.

180 lands a bullseye
It is hinged at both ends to allow much of the strain that's ordinarily placed on the union between cable and player or receiver to be relieved and, in theory, prevent the cable leaping from its socket every time a car alarm goes off outside.   

And it works. Pictures and sound are broadly comparable to vdH's splendid Flat HDMI cable (that's to say, they're respectively vivid and dynamic) and the Flat 180 does a fine job of staying in situ on your rack.

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