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Monster Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD

Tested at £180

These Beats cans are covetable enough, but massively flawed

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  • Robust and shiny
  • assertive, spacious and balanced sound


  • Could be more solid and detailed with bass

It's apparent the Solo HDs don’t have to work especially hard to win on style. 

The glossy headband and shiny Beats logo are a stylish proposition, while comfort is high on the agenda too. 

The soft ear pads and padded headband give a secure fit, and the seal does a good job of cutting outside noise.

The Beats produce a generous amount of bass weight, but instead of precision, notes sound thick and unwieldy, swamping the rest of the music. 

This lack of definition and transparency also proves a hindrance to timing.

However, bass-light tracks let you hear the Beats’ reasonably detailed and smooth midrange and treble.


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