What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Tue, 22 Jan 2013, 11:26am

AKG K551

Tested at £230

Smashing all-rounders that really sing

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  • Spacious sound
  • Well balanced
  • Very detailed


  • Big and not foldable
  • Not exactly portable

With the K551s, AKG has taken the Award-winning K550s, added in-line controls, slimmed-down and shortened the cable and included a carry pouch in an attempt to turn them into a portable pair of cans.

While we’re not entirely convinced their sheer size isn’t the first stumbling block in that argument, we certainly have no quarrel with their sound.

A closed-back design with a spacious open-back style performance, the K551s sound expertly balanced – and never boring or flat.

They convey every last detail of any genre you throw at them, with top-notch timing ensuring an upfront, exciting listen wherever you are.


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