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  1. Philips The Bend

    Philips The Bend

    Reviewed on 21st February 2012
    Price when reviewed £50

    Comfortable, but need to sound better

  2. Philips 46PFL9706

    Philips 46PFL9706

    Reviewed on 9th February 2012
    Price when reviewed £2300

    One of the best Philips flatscreens ever, but there’s still room for improvement

  3. Philips Fidelio SoundCurve DS8800W

    Philips Fidelio SoundCurve DS8800W

    Reviewed on 25th January 2012
    Price when reviewed £350

    One of the better AirPlay speakers we've tested

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  4. Philips SHE9000

    Philips SHE9000

    Reviewed on 16th January 2012
    Price when reviewed £35

    They may be a snug fit but they have an ill-sorted sound

  5. Philips 42PFL7666

    Philips 42PFL7666

    Reviewed on 8th November 2011
    Price when reviewed £999

    Incredible in some areas, but there are flaws in its picture performance

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  7. Philips BDP7600

    Philips BDP7600

    Reviewed on 19th August 2011
    Price when reviewed £190

    Style isn't enough to raise the Philips BDP7600's game

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  8. Philips Fidelio Primo DS9

    Philips Fidelio Primo DS9

    Reviewed on 18th August 2011
    Price when reviewed £300

    It may be smaller than its sibling, but the Philips Fidelio Primo DS9 sings the same, fine song

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  9. Philips Fidelio Primo DS9010

    Philips Fidelio Primo DS9010

    Reviewed on 26th July 2011
    Price when reviewed £400

    The Philips Fidelio Primo DS9010 is a stylish, well thought-out piece of kit

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  10. Philips 37PFL7605

    Philips 37PFL7605

    Reviewed on 4th February 2011
    Price when reviewed £635

    It might have some excellent aspects, but the lack of Freeview HD and blurred motion on this otherwise capable Philips hold it firmly back

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  11. Philips 32PFL9705

    Philips 32PFL9705

    Reviewed on 28th January 2011
    Price when reviewed £1100

    This Philips backlit LCD certainly falls into the 'desirable' category, but a lack of HD tuner and its high price work against it

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