1. Philips MCI900

    Philips MCI900

    The Philips MCI900 may have striking looks but the musical delivery is unforgivably bland and soft

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  2. Philips 40PFL7605

    Philips 40PFL7605

    This LCD from Philips is a great television, but minor flaws, including lack of Freeview HD, prevent it from being truly exemplary

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  3. Philips DS9000

    Philips DS9000

    With the introduction of this smart and compact dock from Philips, B&W's mighty Zeppelin finally has some stiff competition

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  4. Philips HDT8520

    Philips HDT8520

    Well kitted out, the Philips HDT8520 is a excellent Freeview HD+ box

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  5. Philips BDP3100

    Philips BDP3100

    In the BDP3100, Philips has produced a great Blu-ray player that's only really beaten on price by its leading rival

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  7. Philips DTR-5520

    Philips DTR-5520

    Designed in conjunction with Pace, this set-top box can certainly perform, but there's no denying that others are worth the extra cash

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  8. Philips GoGear Muse

    Philips GoGear Muse

    It's larger then your average MP3 player, and there are a few foibles for sure, but we really like this classy design from Philips

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  9. Philips 46PFL9704

    Philips 46PFL9704

    The Philips 46PFL9704 is now a discontinued model.

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  10. Philips BDP7500

    Philips BDP7500

    This Blu-ray player is a real flag in the sand for Philips; it holds up well against the class-leaders, and at a good price too

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  11. Philips 40PFL9704

    Philips 40PFL9704

    We thought nothing would come close to matching the dramatic depth and punch of Pioneer's Kuro plasma sets. Enter Philips...

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