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  1. Bose AE2w

    Bose AE2w

    Reviewed on 14th January 2014
    Price when reviewed £200

    They trump their rivals in terms of comfort, and deliver a detailed sound. But they struggle to stay poised in the higher and lower frequencies

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  2. Bose SoundLink Mini

    Bose SoundLink Mini

    Reviewed on 6th December 2013
    Price when reviewed £170

    This Bose is tiny, but its warm, rich bassy sound is music to our ears

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  3. Bose Computer MusicMonitor

    Bose Computer MusicMonitor

    Reviewed on 22nd August 2013
    Price when reviewed £250

    Limited by their size but still provide an enjoyable sound and portable desktop audio solution… at a price

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  4. Bose Companion 20

    Bose Companion 20

    Reviewed on 11th April 2013
    Price when reviewed £200

    Solid sound, smart looks and simple set-up make the Bose easy to recommend

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  5. Bose Solo

    Bose Solo

    Reviewed on 6th February 2013
    Price when reviewed £350

    A boost for TV sound, but it's not enough

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  7. Bose SoundLink Air

    Bose SoundLink Air

    Reviewed on 11th December 2012
    Price when reviewed £300

    Tidy little AirPlay package

  8. Bose Soundlink

    Bose Soundlink

    Reviewed on 23rd November 2011
    Price when reviewed £260

    A stylish, portable Bluetooth speaker but bass lacks definition

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  9. Bose MIE2i

    Bose MIE2i

    Reviewed on 21st March 2011
    Price when reviewed £120

    An accomplished design that's pretty much nailed the microphone-meets-headphones category

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  10. Bose OE

    Bose OE

    Reviewed on 8th February 2011
    Price when reviewed £120

    On the plus side, these Bose cans are light and portable, but we'd really like more bang for our buck

  11. Bose Around-ear

    Bose Around-ear

    Reviewed on 13th October 2010
    Price when reviewed £90

    Packed with clever technology, these awkwardly-named Bose headphones work remarkably well

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