Ozaki iMini Cute2
New iMini Cute2 comes in a range of nine colours, runs on mains or batteries

iPod/iPhone accessory specialist Ozaki has arrived in the UK, and its first product is a £50 travelling alarm clock dock, able to be powered from the mains or batteries.

The Ozaki iMini Cute2 is available in a choice of nine colours, and has an FM tuner, a large backlit LCD display and dual alarms allowing wake-up to iPod, radio or buzzer.

It has 6W output and two 5cm full-range drivers, and is compatible with all iPod models except the Shuffle, and can also be used with iPhones in flight mode.

There's also a 3.5mm line-in socket and cable for use with other portable players, and a USB interface to allow docked iPods for be synched with PCs or Macs while docked.

Powered via a mains adapter supplied or six AAA batteries, the iMini Cute2 also charges a docked iPod or iPhone.

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It's available now through retailers including HMV, audioout and ebuyer.

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