iPad Mini to get Retina display?

8 Nov 2012

iPad Mini

If the non-Retina screen on the new iPad Mini troubles you, there are rumours that an iPad Mini with Retina display could be on the way.

Our sister site Stuff.tv reports that display maker AU Optronics is expecting to manufacture 2048x1536 resolution 7.9in screens for the iPad Mini. That's an impressive 324ppi, even more than the iPad 4's 264ppi screen.

Given the emphasis Apple has placed on Retina screens on its other products, and the fact that the current iPad Mini uses the same resolution screen as the older iPad 2, that's perhaps no great surprise.

The bad news? If it does happen, the iPad Mini Retina isn't expected on sale until late 2013. Cue another big Apple launch.

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The mini is very obviously another of Apple's "place holder" products with this one intended to divert sales away from the Nexus 7. The actual iPad Mini Apple fans expected (with an 8MP camera, A6 processor and retina display) will appear next year and probably sooner than you'd expect.

As the owner of a 6 month old superseded iPad 3 (resale values plummeted after the unexpected launch of the iPad 4), I'll never buy another Apple product on impulse again.

jerry klinger wrote:
Rumours aside, 91 years is a long time to wait for a minor upgrade.

Now sorted, apologies.

There's also strong rumour they're working on teleportation and flying cars, but we won't see that until 1979 or thereabouts. Oops! we've been here before haven't we?

The silly media started rumour mill around likely future Apple products is all about getting hits on web sites.

Apple fans, Apple haters and the curious click on the links when they see these sort of headlines. Exactly what is intended.

As for the Mini getting a Retina type screen; well that's all but inevitable, as it is on most other tablets over the next year or so. If Apple had waited for a 7.9" retina display to become available before launching the Mini, we wouldn't have seen it for another 6 months or so, missing that vital "holidays" (i.e. pre-Christmas) sales rush.

The screen on this first generation Mini is of lower res (not low res) than some of its competitors, but it's still very good and arguable has much better presented colour and contrast performance than screens with a paper spec. higher resolution. At the end of the day, raw numbers on a spec. sheet do not guarantee a better performing result. Digital camera experience proves that all too well.

Anyone tempted by the current model should simply buy with confidence. They should not feel disappointed when a version 2 model appears the same time next year.

Rumours aside, 91 years is a long time to wait for a minor upgrade.

What an utterly pointless news article.  Are WHF going to post news stories about every "rumour" that gets posted on the internet?

This is yet another example of the media being utterly obsessed with all things Apple.

Give it a rest.

'Rumours' of a mini with a retina screen started about 2 seconds after the resolution of the mini was announced.  It didn't need any 'inside information' or 'leaks' to get it going. 

Once upon a time we had no clue what was coming next from Apple until the day they announced it.  They used to minimise expected product refresh sales drop-offs through their secrecy quite well.  They seem to be suffering quite a bit from the size of their 3rd party supply chain.  This leak could very well be best example of it... "don't buy that one that was released 6 days ago, there's a better one already on the way (at the end of 2013)!!"  Just a tad humourous.