Entry-level CD player and amplifier spearhead new Marantz attack

11 Aug 2008

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We're just about to take delivery of what looks like being the beginning of a deluge of new Marantz products, so we thought we'd give you a heads-up on the first arrivals, the CD5003 and PM5003, which go on sale at the beginning of next month.

They have an all-new chassis design, and cosmetics derived from the company's flagship Reference products.

The £200 CD5003 CD player uses a high-performance Cirrus Logic stereo digital-to-analogue converter, a version of the company's Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules, or HDAMs, and a symmetrical circuit layout.

It plays CDs and CD-R/RW discs, including MP3 and WMA files, and has an 'Audio EX' mode to bypass the digital output and pitch control the player offers.

There's also a high-quality headphone circuit, buffered to avoid interference with the main audio circuits, and the front panel combines glass-fibre reinforced engineering resin and extruded aluminium.

The matching PM5003 amplifier (illustrated) delivers 2x40W and will sell for £220. It adopts the current feedback circuit found in more upmarket Marantz amps in the volume and power sections, and also the separate preamp, tone control amp and power amp found in the same products.

The inputs are buffered to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, and the amp also has a source direct switch to bypass the balance and tone circuits.

Watch this space for our world exclusive review of the new player and amp, and news of more Marantz products heading this way.

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Yes, it will

I fancy the PM8003 & SA8003.

Does anyone know if the 3 range will come in black.

I hope they do as all my other equipment, racks an TV are all black otherwise its a cosmetic no-no and they will not be bought.

Daveh75: Marantz is traditionally conservative - dare I say 'honest and accurate!' - with its power ratings, so I would suggest this amp will still rock your listening room. At its price-point, too, this power output is competitive. I would also add that most of today's speakers - certainly at this price - are more easily driven than some of yesteryear's models, meaning power ratings, while interesting, are not critical. Lastly, in my role as a Marantz PR, I have heard the PM5003 doing an impressive job of driving a pair of Mordaunt Short Performance 6s!

daveh75 August 11, 2008 23:42

look very stylish, but a bit weedy in the power stakes for my liking

Was about to splash out on the CD6002, but think I'll wait to see what this baby can do...

Very stylish......can't wait for the review.

look very stylish, but a bit weedy in the power stakes for my liking

Well, that remote looks like an improvement on the nasty £40-portable-telly-type item which they currently supply with their budget kit, and hopefully they've improved the slightly flimsy build of the 6002 amp. If it sounds as good as it looks, Marantz are going to wipe the floor with the likes of Cambridge and Nad.

You just cant beat marantz for build.  From the pic I dont reckon I could even pick it up - and its only £200!!  looks a lot like their dearer hifi components which is never bad as well.  Can't wait to see how they sound.