We round-up the best in-ear headphones on the market, whether you want a pair of budget buds at £35 or to break the bank with a pair for £1000

We've tested numerous pairs in recent months, so here's our rundown of the the best in-ear headphones on the market, from cheap-as-chips models to high-end offerings – there's something for everyone, whatever your budget.

The headphone market has exploded in recent years, driven first by the iPod and latterly by the rise of smartphones as the portable music player of choice. But it's no good having the best smartphone if you don't have a decent pair of headphones. 

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In-ear headphones are compact and portable, with the advantage of decent noise isolation from outside interference (so long as you get the fit right). Some earbuds also offer an in-line mic and remote controls for smartphones, though check compatibity and also note that these controls tend to have an adverse effect on sound quality. 

Ready to ditch the freebie 'phones and Apple Earpods? Read on... 

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Best in-ear headphones under £50

SoundMagic E10S

Tested at £40 - Compare Prices 

Five stars

Bettering their E10 predeccesor in almost every way, the E10S deliver greater refinement and minimise harshness at the top end. Bass is well judged and vocals are exceptionally clear. 

The E10S look, feel and sound like they’re worth way more than £40 and are a no-brainer to replace the cheap freebie buds with any smartphone. 

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Best in-ear headphones under £100

Sony MDR-EX650AP

Tested at £60 - Compare Prices

Five stars

The Sony MDR-EX650AP seriously impressed us this year, walking away with the Product of the Year title at the Awards. Constructed from brass, the EX650APs deliver an open soundstage with expert placement. Tonal balance is well judged too, and quite simply, the Sony's will tackle anything that's thrown at them. 

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Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear (M2 IEi)

Tested at £90

Five stars

We're big fans of Sennheiser's over-ear Momentums, and this in-ear version is just as desirable. The Momentum In-Ears mix a modern look with a classy finish. Two versions are available: the M2 IEi for Apple devices and the IEG, which carries the relevan control/mic combo for Android phones.

Spin a few tracks and the Momentums impress time and again. They fire out a clear, punchy, musical sound, packed full of detail. It's smooth and balanced but cutting and precise when required.

If you're looking for a jump in sound quality above the Sony's then these in-ears definitely deliver. At this price, they're easily some of the most impressive headphones we've heard this year.

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Best in-ear headphones under £150

Sony XBA-2iP

Tested at £130 - Compare Prices

Five stars

The Sony XBA-2iP in-ear headphones come from the company’s Prestige range of headphones, and are also available without the in-line mic and remote (the XBA-2) for around £20 less.

Sound quality is great: agile, exciting and precise, with a spacious delivery that allows for plenty of detail all the way up the frequency range.

We can’t fault these buds – even call quality is good. Well worth a listen.

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Best in-ear headphones under £200

Shure SE425

Tested at £200 - Compare Prices

Five stars

The Shure SE425 in-ear headphones are superb. Incredibly detailed and immersive, the level of finesse on offer is astonishing, even at this price: you’ll hear things you never thought were there even on recordings you know inside out. Which is why they won the award in the £150 - £300 category at the 2014 Awards.

The looks might not appeal to everyone – Shure has gone for the pro-style in-ear monitor configuration, where the cable passes up your back and splits behind your head before passing over the top of your ears – and they can be a bit annoying to put in, but the results are worth it. 

The SE425s have detachable enclosures – which means if the cable breaks, you can replace it for less money than buying a new set of earphones – and there's also the option of custom buds and adding a separate mic and remote unit. However you have them, you'll be happy with the sound quality.

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Also consider: Sony XBA-3iP

Best in-ear headphones under £300

Sennheiser iE80

Tested at £270 - Compare Prices

Five stars

These headphones have a premium price, but they're presented in a manner which suits. Build quality is first rate, with the solid, brushed-metal housings catching the eye, and there's a carry case, too.

The iE80s have excellent separation and clarity, dig out a serious amount of detail, boast punchy drums and natural-sounding vocals. Interestingly, you can adjust the amount of bass by adjusting a small screw on the earphone. We got the best balance with a quarter-turn clockwise – see the review for full details.

If you're looking for a cut above entry-level heaphones and are keen to give your MP3 player or phone the right tools to make the most of your digital music, the iE80s will help. They're really impressive earbuds.

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Also consider: Sony XBA-4iP




Best in-ear headphones under £500

Grado GR10

Tested at £355 - Compare Prices

Five stars

Now we get into luxury in-ear territory, where a smartphone alone won’t be enough to get the most out of the headphones. Get an external DAC and headphone amp to get the best out of these – and get seriously impressive results.

Tested at £355, the Grado GR10 in-ears are now the wrong side of £400 but get them fitted in your ears correctly – vital to getting a proper tonal balance – and you'll enjoy decent bass weight, incredible transparency and one of the most engaging sounds we've heard from a pair of earphones.

Delivering bags of insight with breathtaking agility, without ever seeming clinical, is a fine balance that very few rivals can match.

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Best in-ear headphones under £700

Sennheiser IE 800

Tested at £600 - Compare Prices

Five stars

As you’d expect, Sennheiser is at pains to point out the numerous innovations and attention to detail incorporated into the Award winning IE 800s. The extra-wideband (XWB) transducers are the smallest currently available, for example, while the single-piece ceramic enclosures feel super-solid.

Controlled and authoritative with low-end frequencies, crisp and detailed with treble sounds, music is delivered with speed, definition and superb tonal variation. 

The Sennheiser IE 800s are superbly made, brilliantly accomplished in-ear headphones. If you can justify the cost, and if your source player can justify it too, we think you’d be hard-pressed to find better. Except possibly, the ones below...

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Best in-ear headphones under £1000

AKG K3003i

Tested at £1000 - Compare Prices 

Five stars

The priciest pair of in-ear headphones we’ve ever reviewed, they were thankfully also undoubtedly the best when we reviewed them (the Sennheisers above might have something to say about that now).

Use the right source – ideally a laptop with external DAC and headphone amp – and they’ll deliver a sound that’s staggeringly realistic and immersive for a pair of in-ears.

Like the Sennheiser earphones, you can fine-tune the K3003i sound, here by means of interchangeable filters. These take the form of nicely machined caps that screw onto the ear pieces and mechanically filter certain parts of the frequency range.

It's the bass that immediately strikes you: precise and articulate, with weight and authority. The news stays positive further up the frequency range, too. Kate Bush’s vocals on the 24-bit/96kHz version of 50 Words for Snow sound as intimate and communicative as we’ve heard them.

Yes, they're very expensive, but we're amazed at how accomplised they are for a pair of in-ear headphones. A must audition if you want the very best.

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Arianj79's picture

Best under 100 in my countr

Hello & thanks for your awsome website As I'm living in Iran , i don't have access to all brands I want to ask you which one of these has the best sound & bass ? :   1-Senn. Cx300 II   2-senn. MM70i   3-t-jays one & two   5-a-jays two & three & four & one plus   6-akg k375   Ps : I DONT CARE ABOUT MIC , ALL I WANT IS SOUND & BASS  


Andy Clough's picture

Best headphones

We'd go for the Sennheisers.

Arianj79's picture

Best headphone

Wich one ? Cx300 ii or mm70 ? I heard the bass is that much high that we cant here the music well !

checkandlearn's picture

I prefer 

I prefer Sennheiser CX 890i Headset (Black) .Its the best and using for last one year

Best earbuds for you

scurvy's picture

Which of these should i get???

Senn cx 300 ii

velodyne vpulse

or something else?

lookin for somethin under $100

Andy Clough's picture


Also worth considering the Beyerdynamic DTX 101 iE. Not sure how much they are in the US.

Luke Johnsson's picture

The Shure SE425 is one of my

The Shure SE425 is one of my personal favorite, I can really recommend them... Though of cause AKG K3003i is amazing too, I can't argue with that! /Luke at http://www.headphonesunboxed.com/

Graham Luke's picture


Love the 425's and they are not overkill for iPods or phones without extra amplification. You simply can't go wrong with them.

Normunds Ratkus's picture

which better

hi im looking for great BASS earphones i had a look at Soundmagic e10 and Sennheiser cx300 which ones would u recommend and maybe there are any better ones ?please reply as soon as u can ....ps. im not looking for very expensive ones

masum's picture

Sony XBA H3

Just wondering! How come Sony XBA H3 missed out in this review? Sony H3 sounds amazing.


Graham Luke's picture

The 535's don't make a lot of

The 535's don't make a lot of sense to me when the 425's are so much better value and almost do the same job.

EAudio's picture

The AKG K3003i's look awesome

The AKG K3003i's look awesome. I haven't tried them yet but they will likely be on the list to test soon. The only difficult part is the price tag, but for an incredible pair of in ear headphones, there doesn't look to be any better.

PeteKern's picture

I like...

Like the Shure and Sennheiser headphones, usually these don't disappoint.

@Normunds, I'd definitely take the Sennheiser CX300, they seem to get better reviews, plus they are Sennheisers, you almost can't go wrong with them.

Pete/ http://headphonesaddict.com

Roland Haas's picture


Try some #AudioFly gear from Australia, you will be pleasantly suprised.

anton1UK's picture

Sony XBA are the most durable

These are all good options but I am not sure if any of these pricey earphones are durable at all.. I can recommend Sony's XBA they are very robust Anton/ http://headphonescompared.com  

n364hi's picture

Thumbs up for the 425

Thumbs up for the 425 - these are great headphones. Decent sound and build quality. Just love them. gp / http://www.runnerwave.com /
drakklewis's picture

The AKG K3003is are good but

The AKG K3003is are good but if you got that kind of money I will still have to reccomend the Shure SE846-CLs any day of the week. I have had a chance to test the AKGs and I personally own the Shures and although you cant really go wrong with either, I feel as if the SE846s hit a little bit harder on the bass at high volumes which happens to work better for the type of music i currently listen to. The AKGs may be a bit more versatile when it comes to listening to a variety of genres.

Lewis D. / http://www.pricenfees.com

SamSpicer's picture

Great Breakdown

This is great breakdown of IEM's by price. I know price is important to me and every has a budget to stay within. These in ear monitor reviews are great, I appreciate the detail. I personally love Shure the most --- they have so many options for the beginner to the experienced.

Got Xcyted's picture

Xcytement +

I am travelling in Australia and came across a new brand of earphones just released in Australia before the world.  I secured a pair of Xcyte Pro earphones.

The Pro earphones offer the most amazing sound quality in earphones.  Combine the incredible bass and treble sound with the sound clarity, they also offer sound splitting between the ear buds.

The sound splitting feature has to be heard to be believed.  Using them on flights they offer 99% noise cancellation, even sitting right beside the plane engines. 

The non tangle cable is a feature of the earphones and at about GBP55 or less, the Xcyte Pro model earphones are simply the best I have heard. 

Comparing these earphones to Bose, Sennheiser and Dre, the Xcyte Pro model wins hands down for a fraction of the price.

DervXT's picture

Sony MDR-EX650AP

I've been looking for a decent pair of earbuds for a while now. I got a pair of the Sony's based on this recommendation and I can't say I'm disappointed. £50 well speant! Thanks!

share2211's picture

Momentum or 425

Im really confused between Sennheiser momentum And Shure 425. Or Should i go for the sonys. Mdr ex60 or xba 2ip

annon's picture

Harman Kardon & Bang and Oulfsen

Harman/Kardon AE Premium Bass-Extended In-Ear Headphones with In-Line Remote and Mic - Silver/Black VS Bang & Olufsen Earphones A8 (black)

Can Andy Clough or anyone at WHAT HI-FI give me some information on something. I was just wondering why you have not listed Harman Kardon earphones or Bang and Oulfsen ones. Because I was interested in purchasing some premium earphones which provided outstanding sound quality and these 2 were the first 2 brands that I thought I of yet they haven't appeared in this list.

Can someone please tell me if its because they aren't really as good?

And can someone also please let me know which of the two stated above is better?

Many thanks.

Chris Taylor's picture

Love my Shure SE425s

The Shure SE425 earbuds might be a bit expensive but the sound quality is unreal. I used to have a pair of Skullcandy Smokin Buds and the difference is on a whole new level. Don't think I can ever go back to cheap earbuds again. /Chris at http://www.scanzoom.com

johnarrow's picture

Jaybird first then sony later

After purchaseing the pair of JayBirds and being happy with them, I tried a friend's Sony mdrxb50. The thing is, while the jaybirds sounded a "bit" better I couldnt justify the price difference! In the end I returned the Jaybirds and purchased the Sony from my local best buy. I read several reviews of the sony http://www.bestheadphonesbest.com/uncategorized/best-earbuds-under-50-to-get-great-sound/ and if you know how to equalize them you will get a very good sound. In the end, you are looking a 1/3 of the price of the jaybirds!