BBC and Sky to promote Ultra HD 4K TV

2 Aug 2013

Ultra HD 4K TV

The BBC and Sky are part of a new industry group that has been formed to promote Ultra HD 4K TV in the UK.

The group, known as the UHD-Forum, will be led by the Digital TV Group and co-chaired by Chris Johns, chief engineer for broadcast strategy at BSkyB, and Andy Quested, head of technology for BBC HD and Ultra HD TV.

Its aim is to try and avoid the confusion that surrounded the launch of high-definition TV, first with HD-Ready sets and then Full HD models. There is, as yet, no agreed standard for Ultra HD 4K, so this needs to be resolved before an 'Ultra-HD Ready' logo is released.

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From the outset the UHD-Forum will work closely with FAME (the Forum for Advanced Media in Europe) and other organisations to decide if there is a need for an 'Ultra HD profile'.

"This is a real opportunity to re-invigorate the market and through collaboration generate the greatest economic value for the UK," says Richard Lindsay-Davies, Director General of the DTG.

"In launching the UK UHD-Forum, the DTG is bringing together all relevant stakeholders to work towards the managed delivery of interoperable Ultra HD services, networks and devices."

Last week Samsung's 4K 65in and 55in TVs went on sale in Currys and PC World at £6000 and £4000 respectively. LG, Toshiba and Sony have also released 4K sets.

The BBC and Sony trialled 4K at this year's Wimbledon Championships.


via The Telegraph

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The HD TV market made alot of money, but for a good couple of years a lot of people changed there old CRT Tv's for a fancey lcd, plasma and led. it was almost the thing to do and everyone had to have one, though now apart from the addicts most are happy with there purchase and will keep there TV for many years to come.

The 3D was another attempt to revive falling sale due to the high demand in cinemas though even this in cinemas has died off now

4k is just another attempt to revive the market and it will have its followers just like 3D and will be very impressive but for most of people there old HD lcd will do us fine.


QUOTE "Its aim is to try and avoid the confusion that surrounded the launch of high-definition TV, first with HD-Ready sets and then Full HD models" END QUOTE

That is a laudable aim.

The "HD Ready" and "Full HD" descriptions of TV sets were an absolute scandal in deliberately scrambling the brains of the buying public. Most people, including many retailers, hadn't a clue what the terms really meant or what sort of quality they could actually expect to see AT HOME on an everyday basis. Even now, the majority of viewers have absolutely no way of knowing exactly what standard their received program is supposed to comply with.

Unless / Until we have universal 1080 HD sets AND matching broadcasts on all major channels, we have absolutely no need for 4K. None at all.

At the moment, we, the customers can only guess what standard we are getting from the broadcasters on any given program. Is any of it TRUE 1080? Is it 720? Or is it 576 SD, just upscaled a bit? Oh, and is any of it at a high enough bitrate to tell the difference?

Whle some existing HD broadcasts look very good, far too many of them look like blurry upscaled rubbish, barely any better than SD. It is downright dishonest to describe some of this garbage as "HD"

Until (if ever) this situation is corrected, 4K is just a(nother) utterly stupid waste of money.

3D is dead...

8K is the future. Japanese broadcasters are skipping 4K and going straight to 8K.

4K is probably a stop gap until then. (Apart from gaming)


wate of money


The bbc should be shot, they have given up on 3-D yet they are going to promote a technology that most people will not be able to afford to buy into , How stupid can The BBc be haven't they caught onto the fact that people struggle to put food on the table let alone go out a purchase a new TV mind you when you are ripping the great British public off in the form of a TV license, I guess you loose perspective on what the public want, and i do not like the idea that they are in bed with sky Tv

The majority of people don't have standard high definition, never mind 4K.

I still recon that 3D as such has STILL not taken off big time is due to the TV sets Still being too expensive for the ordinary joe blogs.... cut the cost of these 3D capable TVs and it WILL take-off.... Big time  !       Smile

Loads of 3D is quite Brilliant to watch.

Are they really serious - after the 3D farce/fad - that the public will ditch their recently acquired HD set for one which has a higher resolution but no source material to utilise it?


The way HDTV had a slow start & 3D hasn't started,what will they use to replace UHD when that goes the same way? Its nothing to do with consumer satisfaction or showing off crystal 4K-HD resolution,its just the manufacturers & TV Co's trying to find different ways to fleece the public.