Amazon launches its own cloud music service

18 Sep 2012

Amazon CloudPlayer

Amazon has launched its own cloud music service, Amazon Cloud Player, allowing purchasers of music to store files remotely for access on up to ten devices.

Amazon CloudPlayer

5GB of storage comes free, with the service matching users' own imported music with cloud-stored copies at 256kbps quality, and it's possible to opt for up to 1TB of storage to expand music collections. 1TB should be sufficient to store 250,000 tracks, but will cost £320 a year.

Music the system can't match will be uploaded to the sure's cloud store for instant access, subject to capacity - the basic free service allows 250 tracks to be uploaded.

To launch the service Amazon is offering users the chance to download one of a range of 'essential' albums for just 99p using a code.

Content stored is then available via web browsers on home PCs and Macs, or via dedicated apps for iOS or Android devices, including the forthcoming Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD (below), due for launch on October 25.

Kindle Fire HD

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I totaly agree with nick12 also im fed up with this mp3 rubish where is the flac versions amazon shove your mp3. Oh wow download mp3 from amazon not! do something new amazon- music companys how about high res downloads.

Is there an opt-out for this? I'm sure I'm not the only person who's not keen on the idea of Amazon automatically scanning my hard drive for media files to match/copy/import. If I have to agree to this in order to purchase mp3s from them, then I'll gladly stick with iTunes.

I'm sick to death of online service providers continually trying to erode my privacy while telling me it's for my own "convenience". I'm an adult and I can manage my own back-ups quite efficiently, thank you Amazon.