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technics SL-B21

I have been offered one of these turntables for free - I think it is a 1983 model.  It isn't currently working and my question is whether it is worth the cost of getting it up and running (assuming that was approx £100). I currently have a Pro-ject debut iii - will the technics outperform the pro-ject?

If it is worth getting it repaired, can anyone recommned someone in the North West?  I have found somenone based in Leigh via the internet but was hoping to find someone closer to Manchester.

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Re: technics SL-B21

You'd be better off with the Project. Technics no longer exist in hi-fi terms, and only make their DJ turntables. Chances are you'll no longer get the spares for that model.


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Re: technics SL-B21

Agreed, if it was one of the more sought-after direct-drive technics decks (SL1200, SL1210 etc) then I would say so, but the SL-B21 was only a standard belt-drive and was nothing special, so not really worth saving.

Also, the P-mount arm rather limits the cartridge choices.

Stick with your Project.

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