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Posting photos on the new forum

Hi, I wanted to update my how to thread on photo linking as the new forum is LIGHTYEARS BETTER than the old uploading tool.  No faffing with HTML needed to do linked photos anymore, w00t! 

I have started from scratch, as the old guide is now largely redundant.

Part 1:  Hosting.  You need to put your photos somewhere.  The forum does not host the photos, as hosting everyone's crap is really expensive.  Put them on Flickr, Picasa, photobucket etc.  I personally like Flickr, so am going to explain how to get photos from Flickr on to the forum.


Part 2: Getting the link.  From this point on, I will assume your photos are already hosted somewhere. The link you require is a direct link to the photo.  It is very important that the photo is linked directly; do not post the URL from the address bar.  It also needs to be a reasonable size to make the size load faster.  I like Flickr as it gives lots of different size options.

Select the photo you want to post in Flickr, click the download link in the bottom right, from the pop up select "view all sizes". 

 When on the all sizes page, click the "Medium 500" option. This gives us the right size of image.  In most good browsers, you can right click the photos and select "copy image address".  In older version of Internet Explore you may need to right click and select properties, then get the image link from there.

The_Lhc wrote:

Ensuring the URL ends with ".jpg", otherwise it isn't an image. This seems to be the most common mistake people make.

That bit is useful to know.  It should look something like this...



Part 3: Linking.  From here on in it's a doddle.  Click the picture link button, its the one directly to the left of the Smiley button in the toolbar above the text input box. Simply paste the link you made in the box marked URL, easy!


Part 4: Click to embiggen, not required but is awesome.  The reason the new site is so much better is it is much easier to set up linked photos, allowing us to open a new window with a much larger image.

Go back to Flickr, there will be a lightbox button in the top right that looks like this...

Press that and it will give us a lovely full window photo.  Copy the url of this web page, this time from the adress bar of your browser.  It should look something like this


We want to go to the photo link button on the forum, and input the image address as we did before.  But this time, we also want to press the "link" tab on the pop up window.  We are going to paste our lightbox link in to here, and don't forget to set the target to "New Window".  This means that when a forum member clicks on the medium sized image we linked to, it will open a new window/tab with a very large image for them to view.


The completed picture will work like this...



Hope this is helpfull to someone!

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Don't work?


Following instructions and until the last bit where you close the window using the OK button....nothing happens. No picture link appears, the window with URL etc in it just stays there.
Windows desktop with 8.1 and internet explorer.

Also, can't right click and get options as described...copy link or save to picture folder are the only options.



Edit: Now installed Chrome and it works as described.

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Well done Paul you got a

Well done Paul you got a sticky!  

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Ooh, I didn't know we had

Ooh, I didn't know we had that Smile

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