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Tannoy v4 or Tannoy Revolution DC6T SE

I have a pair of Tannoy Mercury v4 and though they are great I often wonder would the  Revolution DC6T SE be any better? I have not had the chance to compare the two but is there anyone that has that can say if they would be a a noticeable improvement. Cheers.

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RE: Tannoy v4 or Tannoy Revolution DC6T SE

Sorry, haven't heard them. As the SE verson is about 4 times the price I would hope so. Can you compare any in shop?

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RE: Tannoy v4 or Tannoy Revolution DC6T SE

I own Tannoy V4s with a Yamaha AS500 amp. Did a test on Tannoy Revoulution vs V4 at an audio store recently. The differences were subtle which was surprising based on the price difference. The Revolutions were smoother and more refined. However the V4s had a better bottom end and needed less power to drive the same volume. If you listen to acoustic or classical I think you would like the Revs a lot more than the V4s but even then very hard to justify the price difference as V4s are still a great sounding speaker. If you like your music loud or play bass heavy music I actually think the V4s may suit you better especially on the PM6004 at 40w per channel.

How do you find the PM6004 and V4 combination? Is it lacking something that makes you want to upgrade?

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RE: Tannoy v4 or Tannoy Revolution DC6T SE

The combo I have is really good but you know what it is when you read about the expensive kit, a sort of speaker envy builds up and you wonder what the difference is. The rock that I play sounds very good and the Marantz cd/amp are excellent. They were a new buy along with the speakers and I can highly recomend them. From what you say, I probably have the best set up that I need. Thanks though for the info.

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RE: Tannoy v4 or Tannoy Revolution DC6T SE

I also got V4s with Yamaha s500 amp, and biwired.

I was thinking of upgrading , so I tested a pair of DC6Ts on the same system.

Very little difference at this level (eg Yamaha amp and CD player).

V4 has a deeper Bass, whilst the Alu tweeter of teh dc6t gives a little more clairty or volume at teh higehr end. That's about it. And I agree with the previous poster, that the V4 gives better output, and better sound quality a low volume, than the Dc6ts.

So if you don't mind the shape and the awkward rawplugs on the grill, the V4 is a better deal. If you liek a softer sound, and are willing to pay at least twice as much, the DC6t is your product, although the espresso veneer finish is very coarse and rough.

Also , the V4 cable plugs are far easier to use than the Dc6T.

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