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RE: I've ordered one for my 2nd

John Duncan wrote:
£25k and it still looks EDITED...

One man's fine malt is another man's domestos. Or something like that. I think the aesthetic design is still very pleasing. But maybe it's just me as I tend to find the look of much modern equipment is not to my taste, much like the appearance of most cars made since 1980.

Mind you for £25k I agree that it really would have to come with more than a bottle of Whiskey. Like for example six months of my life in bed with Katy Perry. Yum.

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All sold now, apparently. 10

All sold now, apparently. 10 went to Japan.

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I heard a rumour that the

I heard a rumour that the next one they are bringing out will be made of eucalyptus and camphor wood @ £30K - anyone that buys one will be 'sucking menthol'.

Think about it!


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Bull S***, Smoke and Mirrors,

Bull S***, Smoke and Mirrors, the tools of master marketers . . .

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RE: Bull S***, Smoke and Mirrors,

Apparently the 'density of the hand selected Spanish oak casks' has added to the 'already impressive' sound quality. 

Blinding innit.

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RE: All sold now, apparently. 10

Chipbutty wrote:
All sold now, apparently. 10 went to Japan.


Darn. I'll have to settle for this:


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RE: Linn 'Whisky Cask' Sondek turntable

chebby wrote:

The rich alcoholic can complete his system with some Pioneer Pure Malt Whisky speakers...


had a laugh when i read the discription, "made from white oak, one of the hardest woods known to man", haha it isnt even in the top 50 of hardest woods in the world, in the jenkas hardnes test is ranks number 62, so thats a bit of exaggerated hype !


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