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Olive 03 and Cambridge DacMagic Plus

I have previously tried a DacMagic with my Olive 03 and it worked with no problem, but I didn't really think any improvement was that noticeable.

The Olive only has a USB 1.1 output.

Just tried the DacMagic Plus but the connection from the Olive produces no output from the Dac. USB from my Mac is fine, as are other digital inputs and the sound, eg from my Roksan Kandy CD player, is certainly improved.

Has anyone successfully used the DacMagic Plus with the Olive 03?

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RE: Olive 03 and Cambridge DacMagic Plus



I've bought a DacMagic Plus to plug my Olive 3HD into it and... no sound !  :cry:

when logged into the olive, I managed to play sound through the usb to the DM+ using the command "aplay -D hw:1,0 wavfile.wav", but it seems that zplayer can't use the DM+ as a soundcard.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !


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RE: Olive 03 and Cambridge DacMagic Plus

I'd contact Cambridge Audio and Olive.

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RE: Olive 03 and Cambridge DacMagic Plus

The Olive 03 HD is crap. Do not buy it as it will go wrong. Olive don't care as they know it us a steaming pile of dog turd. 

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