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HDD based Stand-Alone audiophile music player

Hi Everyone,

I have digitized my CDs to lossless flac music and I am looking for a solution for a Stand-Alone audiophile music player without display with some remote control solution which would look fine in my hi-fi equipment.

Thank you for any idea



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do you want pre-bought or

do you want pre-bought or make your own?  Do you already have a Dac or do you want something with a built in Dac?

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How about this Cocktail Audio

How about this Cocktail Audio product?


i think Olive and Brennan also have similar items but the former uses proprietary encoding and the latter has had some dodgy publicity about reliability. I'm not sure you will find anything without a display, unless you mean a drive only. 

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I guess you have ruled-out

I guess you have ruled-out the possibility of a small HTPC or a Mac Mini. To play music I use a Mac Mini running iTunes, chiefly controlled from my iPhone, playing though an external DAC. I feel its tiny form factor leaves a very unintrusive footprint on my AV cabinet, even if the aluminium housing doesn't exactly gel will the rest of my hifi which is all black. But if you go with a Mac Mini, ideally you'd need to find something to bulk-transcode all your FLACs to ALACs. Macs don't really like FLACs much. (More accurately, the standard software they come with doesn't like FLACs, not the Mac hardware itself.)

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