We round up the best iPad, iPhone and iPod dock systems on the market right now – including some serious bargains which show there's plenty of life in the old dock yet.

If you want to listen to music stored on or streamed from your Apple device – whether it's an iPod Touch, an iPhone or an iPad – wireless speakers are the way forward. But even in these wireless times, there's still room for the humble iPod dock, not least if you have a 30-pin iPod Classic (sadly now discontinued) or have treated yourself to a Lightning-equipped iPhone 6.

If you want something that doesn't have to rely on the strength of your wireless connection, the option to replenish your iPad, iPhone or iPod battery at the same time as playing your music, and superior sound quality: a docking station is the answer.

Although dock systems are now something of an endangered species, we've still got the market covered. And the best news is, there are some great deals available on five-star docks...

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Best iPod dock system under £100
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Logitech UE Air Speaker

Reviewed on 9th May 2012 at

The Logitech UE (Ultimate Ears) Air, the company's first AirPlay speaker dock, was named Best speaker dock £200-£350 in our 2012 Awards.

Logitech’s AirPlay-toting speaker dock still sounds the business, but now comes in under £80. Of course, it offers the bonus of wireless music as well as a dock.

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Best iPod dock system under £200
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JBL OnBeat Venue LT

Reviewed on 5th January 2013 at

Apple's introduction of the Lightning connector in the iPhone 5 created a demand for dock systems compatible with the new 8-pin socket (as opposed to the old 30-pin variant). JBL's OnBeat Venue LT was one of the first out of the blocks...

The JBL serves up a dynamic, exciting sound that's a lot of fun to listen to - there's also Bluetooth on board, so you're not strictly limited to Apple devices. For the money, the Venue LT is still a fine docking option.

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Best iPod dock system under £300
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Epoz Aktimate Micro

Reviewed on 29th November 2011 at

Fancy a set of desktop speakers with a dock? The Epoz Aktimate Micro is a great solution.

Speakers come in the form of a powered ‘master’ speaker and a passive ‘slave’, though you’ll need a Lightning adapter or use the 3.5mm input for latest generation Apple devices.

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Best iPod dock system under £400
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B&W Zeppelin Air

Reviewed on 6th May 2011 at

A step up from Bowers & Wilkins' original Zeppelin in so many ways and a must-hear for iPod dock buyers. The docking station is of course joined by Apple AirPlay functionality, making it an even more enticing purchase.

The original Air came fitted with Apple's 30-pin connector, but a Lightning-toting version is also available.

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