Whether you want a phone that's good for playing music or movies, or just a great all-rounder, we've pulled together the best smartphones on the market from Apple to Android to Windows Phone.

These are the best smartphones you can buy in 2015, whittled down from our in-depth mobile phone reviews. Whether you're after a compact, budget mobile or a flagship, 5in+ smartphone, we have a recommendation for you.

No longer used just to make phone calls or send text messages, our smartphones have become pocket-sized multimedia powerhouses, used for listening to music, watching movies, controlling our AV systems, browsing the internet and more. So choosing the right one is crucial.

It’s been a busy few years for the smartphone market. Apple’s iPhone has had to make way for a flurry of the best Android phones we've ever seen, and a few Windows Phone handsets too. But which are the best smartphones on the market, and which of the new 2015 smartphones should be on your radar? Read on...

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The iPhone 6 launch saw Apple finally succumb to a bigger smartphone screen. Gone is the 4in screen of the iPhone 5S - it's been replaced by one measuring 4.7in. 

On paper, the iPhone6 shouldn't come close to anything in the Android camp, but when you actually use one, you'll realise that better specs doesn't necessarily mean a better experience overall. For this is not only the best iPhone ever, but the best smartphone on the market.

Apple has given the iPhone a complete overhaul and made improvements in pretty much all areas. It's slimmer and has a more premium finish; it was always going to be hard to better the quality of the 5S but Apple has managed it.

The iPhone 6 still doesn't have a Full HD screen, but that doesn't mean it can't produce a clear image. On the contrary, images are sharp and detailed, and colours are natural. Audio quality is as excellent as ever, and the camera produces clear, insightful images. 

Overall, it's a far better experience than before and a well-deserved winner of the What Hi-Fi?  2014 smartphone Product of the Year award.

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With the rise in the number of smartphones with screens bigger than 5-inches, it seems right to pick our favourite. And it's the Sony Xperia Z3.

Released just some six months after its Xperia Z2 predecessor, Sony has managed to improve all the bits that needed to be improved, and produced a superb smartphone.

The whole design of the phone has been refined, making it much easier to hold. The screen meanwhile has been kept at Full HD 1080p, rather than opting for 2K like some rivals. But with image tech taken from its TV range, the Z3s picture is sharp and punchy. 

High-resolution audio makes an appearance once again and tracks are delivered with plenty of bite with dynamics being on point. The camera is good, and produces decent shots even in low light.

But one of the stand-out features of the Z3 is the battery life, which Sony claims can last two full days of normal use. In our tests it came just short of this, but was impressive nonetheless.

Quite simply, if you're after a big phone and you're a fan of Android, this is the one to get.

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We were surprised by just how good the new Moto X phone is. Its specs may not make it stand out on the shelf, but once you start using it, you realise it has pretty much everything a budget phone needs.

The clean Android experience is great and the added Motorola touches are useful. On top of that, there's lightning fast performance, a wonderfully sharp screen and impressive customisation options.

To steal a phrase from Apple, the Moto X just works. It may be low on frills, but for one of the best Android experiences available at a comparatively reasonable price, the Moto X is our pick.

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Best Windows smartphone
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It's fair to say Windows Phone hasn't taken the world by storm. But if you absolutely must have a Nokia, or you're a committed Windows fan, then this is our choice.

The Lumia 930 is easily the best Windows Phone we’ve reviewed. It has a great screen, lovely camera and video performance that competes with the best Android phones we've seen.

The only thing letting the side down is the app selection and restrictions to file compatibility, which means it loses that all-important fifth star.

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