• Wharfedale Powercube SPC-10
Our Verdict 
A terrific sub now that Wharfedale has sorted out the spike issues
A fast, articulate and detailed sound
good build
Nothing at the price
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It says a lot for the quality of the Wharfedale SPC-10 that our biggest complaint is with the spikes. Because this subwoofer is a truly excellent product at the price.

So let’s go over our initial problem: on our review sample, the knurled nuts were difficult to lock into place without damaging them, and tended to work loose after a while, eventually causing an audible rattle.

However, Wharfedale has now fixed this problem, so we've put the original star rating of four up to five.A good, taut, precise soundBut, as we’ve said, get past these issues and the SPC-10 delivers a fine performance. It’s a sealed box design, and produces a taut and precise sound.

It is detailed and agile with fast moving basslines and has good dynamic heft. Overall, this is a fine subwoofer.

Now that Wharfedale has managed to sort out the spike problem, it is a great buy and fully deserves five stars.

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