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Vivanco Prowire review

Sturdy and solid, the Vivanco Prowire is a good cable let down by occasional instability Tested at £45.00

Our Verdict

A good cable that's occasionally let down by its unsteady motion handling


  • Natural colour palette
  • digs deep sonically
  • tight sound
  • lots of dynamics


  • Sometimes uncertain with grip and motion

The Prowire feels built to last and proves to be a willing and capable performer, too.

The colour palette is first-rate, with natural skin tones and a real sense of depth and contrast.

Where this cable drops a star is in its occasional uncertainty with grip and motion and lack of ability to provide smooth, stable images.

That said, it's one of the best around for digging deep sonically – you get a tight but narrow sound, packed with lashings of dynamics and subtlety.

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General Information

Product NameVivanco Prowire