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Vivanco SHQ Ultra review

Vivanco's SHQ Ultra HDMI 1.4 cable certainly proves to be an enjoyable watch, but it could lose some of its reservation Tested at £80.00

Our Verdict

It's a very good cable, with only a few minor flaws


  • Wide sound
  • well-defined contrast
  • little noise
  • impressive resolution


  • Some reservation to the sound
  • bass is a touch ragged

We start by giving the Vivanco SHQ Ultra a few scenes from the epic Fellowship of the Ring Blu-ray, and from the off images are stable, with crisp edges.

Resolution is impressive, and there is little noise and blocking. Contrast is well-defined, with separation between dark and light areas handled smoothly.

The cable relays a wide, airy sound, although the bass is ragged round the edges, and there's reservation that stops the SHQ Ultra from truly shining.

This Vivanco is £20 more then the Award-winning Chord SuperShield, and isn't quite as good as that fine cable, but still, in action this HDMI makes for an enjoyable watch.

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