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Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket review

These buds from Skullcandy are perfectly likeable, although we'd prefer more pace from the bass Tested at £65.00

Our Verdict

An extremely likeable pair of in-ear ’phones


  • Smooth treble
  • decent bass heft


  • Sound lacks some clarity
  • bass notes lack pace

Don't be put off by the skull motifs – these buds aren't just for angst-ridden youths and pirates.

Build quality is good and you get both silicone and foam tips to choose from. Either sort is extremely comfortable in situ.

The in-line remote works well and is iPhone- and Blackberry-compatible. Call quality is clear and the headphones isolate outside noise effectively.

Sonically, we don't have a harsh word to say about them. Treble sounds smooth and calm, and there's decent low-end grunt.

However, there's a thickness to the sound that robs it of clarity, and bass notes lack the pace and agility of the best at this price.

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