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Pure Digital Siesta Flow review

It's got a good heritage, but Pure's Siesta Flow just can't cut the mustard at double the price of the Siesta Tested at £100.00

Our Verdict

This Pure's out of its depth at this price - you'd be better aiming for an Evoke Flow


  • Adds internet radio to an already good design
  • lots of alarm tones


  • Sub-standard sound for £100
  • twice the price of its near sibling

Pure's compact Siesta made much sense at £50, but the new Siesta Flow is out of its depth: at twice the price, it adds internet radio to the Siesta's existing clock radio spec, as well as the provision of up to 365 alarm tones.

The problem lies in the sound quality, which just isn't good enough for a £100 radio.

Of course, low-quality internet stations do it no favours, but even so: either buy a £50 Siesta, or, if it's internet radio you crave, buy an Evoke Flow and put up with its bulkier proportions.

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