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The Week in HD – Monday 6th October

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Monday 6th October

Cowboy Bebop Blu-ray

One of the best animes ever made, Cowboy Bebop's indelible and genre-defying charm has moments that will remind you of Blade Runner, Firefly and John Woo's iconic gunplay. If you've been struggling to get into anime, start here.

Following a crew of Bounty Hunters on a ship called Bebop, it's part-comedy, part-action with an unexpected amount of heartfelt emotion, too.

An integral part of the show is its cracking soundtrack (courtesy of Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts), which incorporates jazz, rock and blues music - every episode features music from a different era. And despite being over 15 years old, it looks great in high-def.

Iron Man 3 Sky Movies Superheroes HD, 10pm

After 'dying' during the climatic events of Marvel's Avengers Assemble, Tony Stark returns and is more than a little troubled by the experience he went through. Out of all the Marvel Iron Man films, 3 is probably the best, with a fearsome villain in the form of fan favourite The Mandarin (played by Sir Ben Kingsley) and Robert Downey Jr. in sparkling form, it's definitely worth a watch.

Tuesday 7th October

Human Universe - Pick of the Day, BBC Two HD

Human Universe - Pick of the Day, BBC Two HD

Human Universe BBC Two HD, 9pm

Apeman - Spaceman. We love a good science programme, so we're looking forward to Professor Brian Cox's new series.

In tonight's first episode, he charts the progress of humans: from our humble evolutionary beginnings, the spread of global civilisation and our flight towards the stars.

The Leftovers Sky Atlantic HD, 9pm

BJ and the AC. It's Christmas time but there's very little seasonal cheer in The Leftovers as the Guilty Remnant - a religious group - looks to their mark by making a significant statement.

Elsewhere, Kevin (Justin Theroux) receives a surprise visit from some unexpected visitors.

Wednesday 8th October

Forever - Pick of the Day, Sky 1 HD

Forever - Pick of the Day, Sky 1 HD

The Great British Bake Off BBC One HD, 8pm

It's the final! The weeks just fly past when you're having so much fun with cake. The final three bakers - Richard, Nancy and Luis - need to bake their hearts out for one last chance at the Bake Off crown.

For the signature, they'll have to tackle a classic pastry that normally takes a day - in three hours. The technical is even trickier: they won't have a recipe to guide them this time. And the final five-hour showstopper will need to be the most scrumptious concoction of sponge, caramel, choux pastry and petit four that the contestants can muster - the best will be the 2014 Bake Off Champion.

Forever Sky 1 HD, 11pm

Dr Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd a.k.a. Mr Fantastic, Horatio Hornblower) is a respected medical examiner in New York City. But he has one secret: he's immortal.

In the pilot for this new supernatural series, we discover that Morgan has been alive since the 1800s and that every time he dies, he's reborn in a body of water. And so the cycle begins again. As he tries to figure out his condition, he's stalked by a murderer called Adam (Heroes's Adrian Pasdar), who claims to have suffered from the same curse for the last 2,000 years.

Thursday 9th October

Peaky Blinders - Pick of the Day, BBC Two HD

Peaky Blinders - Pick of the Day, BBC Two HD

Masterclass: The Great British Bake Off BBC One HD, 7.30pm

Want to know how to recreate all the signatures, technicals and showstoppers for this year's Bake Off competition? Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood show you how they'd tackle each challenge, starting with swiss rolls, savoury biscuits, cherry cakes, florentines and miniature cakes.

Peaky Blinders BBC Two HD, 9pm

It's the moment we've been waiting for: Cillian Murphy's Tommy Shelby meets with Tom Hardy's Alfie Solomons. We can't wait to see how the two gang leaders will clash over territorial claims in London.

Elsewhere, Tommy offers to search for Aunt Pol's children, while Arthur is still dealing with the aftereffects of the war.

Who Do You Think You Are? BBC One HD, 9pm

1960s supermodel turned M&S goddess Twiggy was born and bred in London, but that's as far as she knows about her past.

She embarks on a journey into Victorian times to investigate her mother's family, finding out that tough times meant a creative interpretation of the law.

Mock the Week BBC Two HD, 10pm

Zoe Lyons, Rob Beckett, Milton Jones and Ed Byrne join the regulars in picking apart this week's news.

Friday 10th October

QI – Pick of the Day, BBC Two HD

QI – Pick of the Day, BBC Two HD

47 Ronin Sky Movies Premiere HD, 8pm

Keanu Reeves is a ronin (a samurai with no master) in 47 Ronin, a fantasy action film that depicts a group of Japanese warriors seeking revenge after their master is killed.

The film itself is a little shaky, with the story not as strong as it should be. Despite that, visually it looks quite cool and there are plenty of fights to enjoy. Plus there's Rinko Kikuchi (Pacific Rim), who really chews the scenery as a wicked sorceress.

Would I Lie To You? BBC One HD, 8.30pm

David Mitchell, Lee Mack, Hal Cruttenden, Rhod Gilbert, Kelly Hoppen and Carol Vorderman sort out the truths from the lies and vice versa as they share anecdotes to win points.

Have I Got News For You BBC One HD, 9pm

Sue Perkins takes a break from Bake Off duties and blesses the world of satirical news with her delightful puns and innuendos while presiding over tonight's show.

QI BBC Two HD, 10pm

Saturday 11th October

Top Hat BBC Two HD, 2.55pm

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance up a storm in this musical comedy from 1935, their fourth and most successful pairing.

With enduring classics like 'Cheek to Cheek' (with the infamous ostrich-feather dress), the titular 'Top Hat' and plenty of tap dancing and charming choreography, watch Astaire's American dancer Jerry chase Roger's Dale across London and Venice in hopes of winning her over.

Doctor Who BBC One HD, 8.35pm

Mummy on the Orient Express. 'Once you see the mummy, you only have 66 seconds to live.'

We're on the most luxurious and beautiful train in history, but in space! And in true Who-Christie fashion, there's a monster stalking the corridors and killing off passengers. With things tense between Clara and the Doctor after last week's adventure, will they patch up their relationship in time to stop the terrifying mummy?

Armageddon BBC One HD, 11.10pm

What does NASA do when they find a giant asteroid about to crash into Earth and wipe out all of humankind? Why, they call up the world's best deep core drillers to drill a bomb into the asteroid and blow it up.

Ah, Michael Bay - this was you at your finest. With an Aerosmith soundtrack, a frankly fabulous cast - Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler, Steve Buscemi, Michael Clarke Duncan, Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson, Jason Isaacs, Will Patton, William Fichtner, Peter Stormare - great action sets, and more explosions, 'thrusters' and misuse of gravity that we've ever encountered, Armageddon was a hoot.

Sunday 12th October

F1 2014: Russia GP – Pick of the Day, BBC One HD

F1 2014: Russia GP – Pick of the Day, BBC One HD

2014 F1 Championship: The Russian Grand Prix BBC One HD, 11am

After the sombre end to the Japanese Grand Prix (torrential rain and Jules Bianchi in a terrible crash) and with driver changes keeping the paddock abuzz (Sebastian Vettel leaves Red Bull for Ferrari, replacing Alonso who may or may not be heading to McLaren), we head to Sochi.

With 10 points between title leader Hamilton and team mate Rosberg and only four races left of the 2014 calendar, it's even more crucial then ever to bag those wins.

Kinky Boots BBC Two HD, 10.35pm

A fun little film that sees Chiwetel Ejiofor play a drag queen called Lola who comes to the rescue of a failing shoe company. Joel Edgerton plays the owner (you'll see him next in Exodus: Gods and Kings), and makes for a good double act with Ejiofor as they try and turn the company around.

Look out for notable British actors in small roles, including Nick Frost and Linda Bassett.

'Til next week...

Kashfia Kabir
Kashfia Kabir

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