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The Week in HD - 3rd May

Welcome to The Week in HD, your guide to the best hi-def TV shows, games and movies to get you through the next seven days. If you've got an HD recommendation that isn't listed here, tell us about it below.

Monday 3rd May

The Pacific (opens in new tab) - Sky Movies Premiere HD - 9pm
The battle for Peleliu continues, with Marines Sledge and Leckie involved in the frontline push for the heavily-defended airfield.

Unforgiven - ITV1 HD - 10.15pm
I'll admit that the prospect of adverts is usually enough to put me off watching movies on ITV, but for Unforgiven I'll make an exception. Directed by Clint Eastwood, who also stars alongside Morgan Freeman, it tells the story of a retired gunslinger forced out of retirement for one last kill. It's an incredible film, which is reflected in the four Oscars it won back in 1992.

Tuesday 4th May

It's Sci-Fi Tuesday (mental note: must come up with a snappier name), which means you've got Stargate Universe (opens in new tab) (Sky1 HD, 8pm), Fringe (opens in new tab) (Sky1 HD, 10pm) and V (Syfy HD, 10pm) to choose from. Fringe is easily my favourite of the three, and this is one of the best episode's yet, complete with shape-shifters, inter-dimensional doorways, and a dramatic discovery for Peter.

I must also give a quick mention to M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening (Sky Thriller HD, 7.20pm), because I genuinely believe it's the worst film ever made. In fact, it's so bad it's rather bewildering. Watch it and see if you agree!

Wednesday 5th May

Live Ford Football Special - Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur - Sky Sports HD2 - 7.30pm
This is the game that all but confirms which of these two teams finishes fourth in the Premier League, and gets the final Champions League spot as reward. Expect a cup-final atmosphere and a feisty game. Oh, and COME ON THE SPURS!

Thursday 6th May

Modern Family (opens in new tab) - Sky1 HD - 8pm
Another two episodes of this excellent comedy tonight. The second should be especially amusing for gadget fans, as it revolves around Phil's desperation to get an iPad.

Friday 7th May

State of Play - Sky Movies Premiere HD - 8pm
Russell Crowe, Helen Mirren and Ben Affleck star in this surprisingly successful movie adaptation of the BBC series of the same name.

Saturday 8th May

Spartacus - Sky Movies Showcase HD - 8.15pm
Kirk Douglas stars as the slave who leads a rebellion against the Romans in this Stanley Kubrick epic. It might be fifty years old, but it looks lovely in HD.

Sunday 9th May

Today nothing matters but football, as every Premier League team plays its last game of the season. At the time of writing the televised games are yet to be decided, but there will definitely be one on Live Ford Super Sunday (Sky Sprts HD1, 3.30pm), and another on Live: Barclays Premier League (ESPN HD, 3pm).