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Spotify Free music can now be streamed on Sonos speakers

Spotify Free support comes to Sonos speakers
(Image credit: Sonos, Spotify)

Great news for the 135-million (or thereabouts) people who use Spotify's free music service: you can now stream Spotify Free on Sonos through a free software update that rolled out yesterday. 

The move is doubtless a pre-Christmas (and pre Black Friday) push by Sonos to make its Bluetooth speakers such as the Sonos Move, Sonos One or Sonos IKEA Symfonisk lamp speaker a more desirable proposition to the millions of users who stream Spotify music for free. 

Already have a Sonos speaker and want to get Spotify Free access? Make sure the Sonos app is updated. Then, under Settings, select Services and Add a Service under Music & Content, then Set-up or Log-in. You should then be able to stream through either the Sonos or Spotify apps, or start a playlist with Google Assistant on voice-enabled devices, if you prefer. (Remember, Alexa does not yet work with Spotify Free.) 

With Spotify's free plan, you can play any playlist, album, or artist – but only while in Shuffle Play mode. While you cannot download for offline listening and your music will be interspersed with ads, (to get rid of those you'll need to pay for Spotify Premium) it is free to use on mobile, desktop or tablet. 

The software update also includes a new design for browsing Spotify in the Sonos app, which promises to make accessing favourite artists, podcasts or playlists more consistent with the Spotify app. 


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