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Sharp 2014 TVs: sizes, prices, specs, pictures, release dates

Here's a complete rundown of all the new TVs announced by Sharp at CES 2014. There are 14 new models across four ranges - prices are yet to be confirmed, but be assured we'll update this story as soon as they are.

AQUOS Quattron+ and Aquos line-up

The Aquos range for 2014 features four new series of LED Smart TVs of 60in and above.

The flagship Aquos 4K Ultra HD TVs (complete with THX 4K certification) are coming in 60in and 70in. Noteable features include 4 HDMI inputs, all 4K and HDMI 2.0 compliant.

The new Quattron+ Full HD TVs will be available in 60in, 70in and 80in screen sizes. The Quattron+ range is currently the only series of Full HD TVs that can deal with 4K content (definitely) and has a built-in 15w subwoofer (probably). This range is also packing Bluetooth connectivity.

Beneath these sit the Quattron series, which (thanks to Sharp's ongoing commitment to yellow subpixels) offer 33% more subpixels than a 'standard' Full HD TV. 60in and 70in screen sizes will be available.

The Aquos HD series serves as the entry level, with Full HD screens offered in 32in, 39in, 48in, 60in, 70in, 80in and 90in variants. Never let it be said that Sharp doesn't cater for all size requirements.

The standard of finish looks to be high across every range, with materials like brushed aluminium to the fore.

These new screens will feature Sharp's new SmartCentral smart TV platform. The new system allows the user to access cable, satellite and streaming services through an interactive guide, and available apps currently include Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and Facebook.

All the 2014 TVs come with built-in web browsers and TV/web split-screen functionality.

by Simon Lucas

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