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NEWS: Virgin Media slashes the price of its V+ high-definition TV box for Christmas

Virgin Media is slashing the installation cost of its V+ set-top box from £150 to £75. Anyone who signs up for Virgin Media's cable TV service between now and December 31st will get the box installed at half price.

The V+ box is a personal video recorder (PVR) with a 160GB hard drive that enable users to record up to 80 hours of standard-definition TV. It has three tuners, so you can record two programmes simultaneously while watching a third.

And if you have an HD-ready TV, the box allows you to view the BBC's trial HD channel plus a selection of free and pay-per-view high-definition material, including popular TV series from C4 and a selection of movies (£3.99 each).

Once you've paid to have the box installed, you'll have to pay a monthly subscription depending on which TV package you choose.

Virgin says that if you sign up before December 12, it guarantees it will install the new box in time for Christmas.

To find out more, log on to the Virgin Media website.

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