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NEWS: Now PMC runs its 'i' over the EB1s

PMC's EB1 speakers are the latest model to get the company's 'i' treatment.

The big floorstanders, which sell for £5950 a pair, were unleashed in EB1i form at last weekend's Sound & Vision show in Bristol.

The new version uses the same Sonolex tweeter found in the smaller speakers in the range, the 27mm design giving better high frequency detail, improved power handling and a broader off-axis response.

The midband is handled by one of PMC's 7.5cm fabric soft-dome midrange units, and the bass by a 25cm PMC carbon fibre/Nomex piston driver, giving the speaker bass extension down to 19Hz.

The drivers are 'held together' by a 31-element crossover, also revised for this new version, while the cabinets now use a better Medite material with stronger jointing, finished with a range of real wood veneers and deep lacquer.

The EB1is aren't for the faint-hearted: they stand 122.5cm tall in their spiked feet, and weigh 48kg apiece.

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