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NEWS: Flat-tering HD images are VDH's aim

We're primed for a whole new range of interconnects from van den Hul, and first in line is this flat HDMI, called The HDMI Flat.

Fully compliant with the latest 1.3b standard, the cable will be available in lengths from 1m to 15 metres, with prices between 86 and 225 euros.

Yes, we know it can be hard to get too excited about cables, even if they are HDMI, but let us all remember the effect they can have when you entrust them with sending your precious video signals.

So, aside from the cream coloured jacket, made of van den Hul's proprietary Hulliflex, latest video cable can deal with signals up to 340 MHz as well as supporting the new xvYCC colour space.

Sonically, the cable can happily transmit Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio standards.

At the time of writing we only have prices in euros - we are on the case with the UK prices, though we're sure you can have an educated guess - with 1m at 86 euros, 2m at 98 euros and 5m at 126 euros. The van den Hul The HDMI Flat is out now.

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