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NEWS: BenQ projectors go 1080p

BenQ has announced a host of new projectors in time for Christmas. We'll turn a blind eye to the three office-aimed business projectors and instead focus on the two 1080p, widescreen efforts – the W5000 and the W20000.

We've been fans of previous projectors from BenQ, even dishing out an Award in 2005, and these two projectors feature a number of new technologies that hope to push the company back to the top of the class.

Alongside the 1920 x 1080 resolution found on both units, they also feature the company's own Dual Iris and DynamicBlack technologies, that together claim to deliver ultra-high contrast ratios and plenty of detail in those hard to render dark scenes.

The upshot of this is a claimed contrast ratio of 10,000:1 for the W5000 and of 20,000:1 for the W20000. Though we'd of course only give so much weight to the specifications.

Dealing with the lighter hues is a 7-segment colour wheel working in tandem with BrilliantColor and VIDI technology, which claims to increase overall brightness and vividness of colours without producing an unreal image. Both units claim a 1200 ANSI lumens rating.

Connections are as you would expect, with the all-important HDMI connections appearing two-fold on both the '5000 and '20000.

There's no price yet on the W20000, but the W5000 will sell for around £1700. Look out for the What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision verdicts soon.