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Jabra Solemate Mini is a £99 Bluetooth NFC speaker

Jabra Solemate Mini

Making its debut at IFA 2013 today is the Jabra Solemate Mini, a smaller, more portable version of the Jabra Solemate.

Designed for those who need a compact Bluetooth/NFC (Near Field Communication) speaker to take on their travels.

Music is streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth but the inclusion of NFC makes it as easy as touching two devices together to get paired and up and running if you have an NFC-compatible phone or other device.

Tthe Jabra Solemate Mini has two front-facing speakers, a claimed battery life of up to eight hours and an integrated cable with 3.5mm jack in the base of the unit for a wired connection if required.

Its rubber finish is designed to withstand scrapes and knocks, and buyers can choose from black, red, yellow and blue finishes.

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By Andy Clough

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