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Flexson ColourPlay Skins bring new colours to Sonos Play speakers

Sonos accessory specialist Flexson has announced a range of new colour skins for the Sonos Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5 wireless speakers.

The Flexson ColourPlay Skins come in five different colours, allowing you to jazz-up the standard white or black finish of the Sonos Play multiroom speakers.

The vinyl skins are simply peeled from a backing sheet and stuck in place, and can then be peeled off the speaker without leaving a sticky mess (Flexson assures us) should you want to change the colour.

Those five ColourPlay colours in full: Candy Pink Gloss, Cobalt Blue Gloss, Imperial Purple Matt, Sunflower Yellow Gloss and Racing Red Gloss.

The skins cost £20 for the Play:1, £30 for the Play:3 and £35 for the Play:5.

Set to be available to pre-order from later this month after being shown off at the upcoming CU Exposed event, they'll be on sale online and in specialist retailers from April.

by Joe Cox

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