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Dali celebrates 30 years with unique Fazon F5 loudspeakers

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Dali has introduced a limited number of highly individual Fazon F5 editions. These striking versions are hand-decorated by some reknowned airbrush artists.

The aesthetic appeal of the Fazon F5 has always been a strong selling point, and now Dali has applied street art, graphic design and musical motifs among almost 200 unique designs to make even more of a visual statement.

Hand-painted on top of the original black (or red, or white) lacquer, each speaker then has a high-gloss lacquer applied in a similar manner to the way cars are painted. The speakers will also feature the artists' signature and a hand-painted Dali logo.

Of course, Dali isn't alone in commemorating a 30th birthday with a new tattoo. We don't know if anyone has ever gone for it in such a big way, though.

The limited-edition Fazon F5s are on sale now and cost £3429 per pair.

Written by Simon Lucas

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