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Clearaudio introduces Verify magnetic tonearm

Clearaudio Verify

New from Clearaudio is the Verify tonearm, a development of the one used on the Award-winning Concept turntable.

Costing £640, the arm tube is 'suspended' in a magnetic field, with just a tie cable beneath the arm holding it down.

This set-up is said to provide "a friction-free bearing with no bearing chatter for a smooth and unfatiguing performance".

The arm tube is made from carbon fibre, and an adjustable anti-skating control is situated on the base of the arm pillar.

The Verify is terminated with 1.2 metres of Clearaudio Directwire cable, and a Clearaudio/Linn-type mount is supplied as standard. Alternatively the tonearm can be used with the Clearaudio VTA adjuster.

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