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Best of the Week: KEF Muo, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, Roberts R-Line system and more

This week KEF and Roberts both launched new products, with the former releasing the Muo Bluetooth speaker and the latter making headlines with its first foray into soundbars. Elsewhere, an eagle-eyed observer spotted a patent from Apple that could lead to a new headphone jack design.

On the reviews front, ATC's SCM20ASL loudspeaker and Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge+ smartphone were given the highest rating, with Beyerdynamic's Custom One Pro Plus having to settle for a four-star review.

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Roberts launches R-Line family of wireless multiroom speakers

Roberts has revealed a new multiroom system called the R-Line system, which includes the company's first ever soundbar.

First up is the R-Series featuring the R1 (£180) and the R100 (£250). Both feature Internet radio, Spotify Connect and Bluetooth, but the R100 also sports a 2.7in display and radio tuner.

Next up is the S-Series including the S1 (£180) and S2 (£250) speakers. The S2 is the larger speaker, but does not have an LCD display or tuner. There's also the S300 (£300), an all-in-one system with CD playback.

Then there's Roberts' first ever soundbar, the SB1. Costing £400, it features two optical digital inputs and can be controlled (along with the aforementioned speakers) via the UNDOK control app.

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Apple investigating new headphone connection, which won't fit existing earphones

An eagle-eyed observer has discovered a patent which suggests Apple is looking into redesigning the headphone jack.

The patent for a thinner D-shaped connector would replace the existing 3.5mm jack. If it were to come to fruition, it would require a redesign of third-party jacks.

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KEF launches Muo wireless Bluetooth speaker

There's yet another Bluetooth speaker vying for your attention and it comes courtesy of KEF.

Designed in collaboration with Ross Lovegrove, the Muo can be positioned either vertically or horizontally, with a sensor inside the speaker adjusting in accordance with its orientation.

It's out now for £299 and you can read what we think about it over here.

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"There’s not a lot more to it, but that's no bad thing"

"There’s not a lot more to it, but that's no bad thing"

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

So far Samsung has brought us the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge, and its form shows no signs of abating with the S6 Edge+.

Jumping up to a 5.7in screen size, the S6 Edge+ may come across as a supersize version of the fantastic Edge, but it manages to port all that was good in its smaller sibling into a bigger form. That's no small feat.

The S6 Edge+ will cost you, but if you're after the big screen experience, this is a smartphone that delivers.

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"There’s plenty of enthusiasm on show together with the kind of agility that’s rare to hear at this level"

"There’s plenty of enthusiasm on show together with the kind of agility that’s rare to hear at this level"


We don't often test professional equipment, but given the chance to have a look at ATC's SCM20ASLs, we couldn't resist.

While they live up to the 'black box hi-fi' look, they get by with some terrifically engineered sound. There's little here that the ATC's won't expose in your recordings so they'll need top-notch music to show off their stunning qualities.

If you can look past their appearance, these speakers offer great value, even at that price.

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"The latest over-ears from Beyerdynamic, have many admirable traits"

"The latest over-ears from Beyerdynamic, have many admirable traits"

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus

Not content with its Custom One Pro headphones, Beyerdynamic has decided to revisit its design and turn it into a 'Plus'.

Visually, they don't look that different, but it's a nifty design nonetheless with lots of customisation on hand. It's the sound that warrants interest, revelling in a big open soundstage.

However, there's a lack of excitement at times that drags them down a little. A little more fun and these would have been great.

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