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Best of the week: all the news and reviews 12.10.13

This week on we've had a spate of new products to review starting with Google's new Nexus 7 tablet.

More reviews arrived with Q Acoustics update of its Q7000 speaker package (the Q7000i) and NAD's terrific little stereo amp, the D 3020 .

News this week included yet more rumours concerning Panasonic leaving the plasma TV market, a new pair of AKG £1000 reference headphones and details of the BBC's plans to revise its iPlayer app.


AKG unveils K812 reference headphones

AKG unveiled a new pair of over-ear reference headphones, the K812.

Intended to be the company's flagship pair of cans, they're open-backed, sport 5.3cm drivers and have an impedance level of 36 ohms. Designed with headphone amps in mind, AKG say they sound good when used with portable devices.

AKG have said that ot five years to develop the headphones. The K812 will be available from November onwards for eye-watering £1000.

Panasonic denies it will cease Plasma TV production in 2014

In what's become something of a long-running rumour, Japanese TV manufacturer Panasonic has denied that it will be pulling out of the plasma TV market in 2014.

In a statement issued to, the company said it "is looking into a variety of options regarding the strategy for the PDP [plasma display] business, but nothing has been decided at this stage."

Despite excellent reviews, the future of plasma has been uncertain for quite some time, with the market seeing manufacturers drop out over the last few years due to unsustainable losses.

BBC to launch new iPlayer in 2014

The BBC will be updating their iPlayer app in the early months of next year with the aim of creating a more personalised experience.

Several changes will be made to the long-running digital service with BBC Radio 1 making full use of the new approach with its own dedicated channel. Users will be able to stream live performances and interviews that are exclusive to the platform.

Another feature will be the app learning what genres and programmes you enjoy and making suggestions for other content. Also new is BBC Playlister. This feature allows users to save the music they hear online to create a virtual playlist that can then be played in Spotify and other streaming services.

More news:

Beats to launch music streaming service in the US

Audio Technica announce new SonicFuel range of in-ear headphones

Libratone announce new wireless speaker called Loop

New Sharp hi-fi system comes with Bluetooth and NFC


Google Nexus 7 (2013)

The Nexus 7 is Google's latest entry into the portable market with the company looking to up its game with the iPad Mini 2 expected to be announced very soon.

This update comes with a better screen, the latest version of the Android OS and improved performance under the hood. The specs look impressive on paper, but are they reflected in reality?

Read the full Google Nexus 7 review

NAD D 3020

On the front cover of the November issue we labelled the 3020 as the "new boss". This stereo amp well and truly floored us with its great design and excellent performance.

A game changer? Quite possibly.

Read the full NAD D 3020 review

Q Acoustics Q7000i

Our last issue saw us conduct a style speaker package Supertest. With competitiors including B&W, Dali, Focal, KEF, Cabasse and Monitor Audio, the Q Acoustics package was up against some hefty rivals.

However, the Q7000i came out swinging and delivered knock-out blows in the process with an excellent performance. For under a £1000, you're unlikely to find a speaker package as capable as this one.

Read the full Q Acoustics Q7000i review


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