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Linn Classik Music review

Hallowed high-end hi-fi brand Linn directs its efforts into producing a CD/tuner/amp combination of extremely high quality, if not cheap Tested at £999

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Classik by name and Classik by nature: this is a star, whether you use the Unik speakers or something more conventional


  • Sound quality, flexibility and style
  • value
  • upgradability


  • Some will want more punch than the little Unik speakers can ultimately deliver

The name might be Classik, but this is in fact the third generation of this neat idea from the Scottish company. It is now known as the Classik Music System because £2750 will buy you the ‘home cinema in a box' Classik Movie System.

The original Classik was just a CD/amp, but the current version has the tuner and the multiroom Knekt system included as standard, making this a very flexible set-up. You can use it alone with a pair of speakers, or up to five Classiks can be linked around the house to create a smart multiroom system.

Supplied with this Koral Blue review sample – which costs an extra £35 over the Classik's £999 standard price – are a pair of Linn's compact Unik speakers (£260), along with Classik Colum stands (a further £100). The Uniks can also be wall-mounted and stands and speakers can be painted to match your décor.

This system will go loud
The speakers use a 19mm soft-dome tweeter and a 10cm shielded mid/bass unit, giving the system a frequency response of 80Hz-20kHz, sensitivity of 88dB/w/m and 8 ohm impedance. This means that the Classik's amplifier, developing 75w into 4 ohms, has no problems driving the speakers to some pretty serious levels.

And although bass extension may ultimately be lacking, the system never sounds thin or lightweight – at least not once it's been running for a couple of days. Whether with the CD player or the onboard tuner, the beauty of the Classik is how solid it sounds, in that usual ‘tunes first' Linn way. This system is a supremely easy listen, but it also rewards closer attention with a good degree of insight into the music.

Rare quality and flexibility
Listeners wanting more welly than the little Unik speakers can deliver have plenty of options to consider. The Classik could be used with more conventional loudspeakers, such as the £750-a-pair Katans, or with the in-wall Diskreets, at £200 for a pair. And then there are all those multiroom options if you want to upgrade further...

That kind of puts into perspective just what great value the Linn Classik range offers. And this entry-level Classik Music/Unik stereo set-up is the perfect introduction to the Linn brand.