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Imp Audio Sandwich review

These stands may look the part, but as soon as you add speakers the good impressions fall away Tested at £150.00

Our Verdict

Only a fool chooses supports on looks alone – these IMPs don’t have the winning disposition of the best


  • Feel well-made
  • look good


  • They don’t help loudspeakers at all
  • less stable than we’d like

The Sandwich speaker stands look a tempting proposition. The glossy black finish and tidily shaped top and bottom-plates are a decorative world away from the industrial brutality of the stands we often recommend at this sort of price. Sadly, the good impressions fall away when you add speakers.

These Imps aren't even very stable, despite the three spikes per stand in place. More importantly, they do your music few favours. Bass is thick, cloudy, and stripped of much definition, while treble lacks sparkle and is rolled off early. The soundstage created is congested and ill-defined, leaving vocalists to scrap for space. On the plus side, rhythms are handled confidently but it's scant compensation.

The looks might draw you in, but these Sandwiches aren't anything like as tasty as they first appear.