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Gamut L3 review

Don't be fooled by their looks – the diminutive Gumuts pack a class-leading punch Tested at £4400.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Fantastic speakers capable of delivering immense insight into any recording


  • Just about the fastest, most articulate speaker you’ll hear
  • superb build quality


  • In-house stands suit the speakers so well, we consider them essential – but they’ll cost you an extra £780

If you measure value by how much material you get for your money, a pair of small two-way standmounts inside a wooden box are in big trouble. However, based solely on sound quality, the painstakingly engineered Gamut L3s are worth every penny of their hefty price tag.

These speakers are about the most agile and informative we've heard. They are even good enough in these respects to make our reference ATCs – the doubly expensive SCM50s – sound a little hazy in comparison.

Sure, when it comes to outright scale, bass depth and sheer loudness the ATCs get revenge, but even then the Gamuts do well for their size.

First-class delivery

The L3s deliver class-leading insight into a complex recording of Mahler's 10th. There's terrific cohesion between the drivers, leading to a seamless midrange and delivering voices with breathtaking naturalness.

Timing is equally adept, making the most of rhythm-driven tracks from the likes of Kanye West.

By trading fullness for speed and transparency, these aren't for those who value tonal richness above all else, but there's no denying their formidable array of strengths. In terms of insight and agility, these Gamuts set the standard.


General Information

Product NameGamut L3