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It's smooth, musical, well-defined and supremely capable - what more could you need from a subwoofer?
Sturdy build
powerful and punchy
good definition and speed
Nothing of note
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Prices seem to vary on this subwoofer – at the time of writing you could find it for anything between £240 and £350, so our ‘real world' price of £300 hopefully seems fair enough.

And we reckon you may well want to search out some of those cheaper deals, for this Tannoy is a real standout in its price band.

The TS-10 is the middle of three subwoofers in Tannoy's TS range. Boasting a 25cm driver in a sealed, downward-firing unit, this is one of the larger units here – but it's still relatively compact in the world of bassbins.

There are stereo line-level inputs and balanced XLR connections, plus the usual phase and gain controls.

Majoring on muscleThere's a 300-Watt amplifier at the subwoofer's heart, and the cabinet feels every bit as sturdy and rigid as Tannoy claims it is in the press material.

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Before we fire it up, we're hopeful of some seriously powerful yet still taut low end frequencies.

And so it proves. Relaying the Blu-ray of Burn After Reading, the TS-10 is smooth, musical and well-defined, while it goes deeper than any other subwoofer we've heard recently.

There's power and punch, but, thanks to good definition and speed, basslines are agile and expressive when required.


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Tannoy TS-10
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