• Sony XBA-3iP
Our Verdict 
Best in-ears £200+, Awards 2012. These Sony in-ears sound amazing, and are a commuting audiophile’s best friend
Good isolation
fine detail
impressive clarity
a little bulky
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In a market where smaller is often seen as more attractive, the earpieces on the Sony XBA-3iP earphones aren’t quite as slender as on comparable models from Klipsch or Beyerdynamic, but that’s because they accommodate the triple balanced armature drivers complete with tweeter and woofer.

But while they may be bigger than some, they're comfortable: In the box, there’s a selection of colour-coded silicone eartips, ranging from extra small to large, and we found them to be a secure fit and good at isolating the listener from outside noise – that helps when it comes to using the inline, iPhone-compatible mic.

Sony XBA-3iP: Sound qualityCall quality is crystal clear, as is the sound produced when spinning tunes.

The Sonys are detailed, beautifully balanced and display an excellent sense of timing. Highs are crisp, lows expertly judged.

They’re not cheap, but if you’re constantly on the move and demand optimum sound quality, then the XBA-3iP will be a fine investment.

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